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No photograph can offer you a true “feel” of a party or event, however, it can show you what a “Mobile disco” set up looks like, or at least, what one of mine looks like.


top ten

* official as in Merv’s personal Opinion.

All Images are from the last 12 months and are my own.


Set Up’s

The wedding disco is a very personal thing, many of my set ups have been chosen by the bride to suit the venue, the couple’s individuality or a theme.

Low level Disco 2

Low Level Disco 3

Black and White with Hints of pink

Hidden Disco Lighting

Hidden Disco Lighting 2

The ultra sleek

Keeping your friends close

Monogram Projection 2

Sparkles in white

Sparkles in white

Horsley Transformation

When is a disco not a disco

Another Stylish Rig

The Minimalist!

Branston Golf Club - shabby Chic

Micro Disco

The full colour wall

NEW for 2013 - bespoke booths

As “Shabby chic” shows no signs of going away and retro styling is becoming the big 2013-14 wedding must have, the designer DJ booth provides an easy way to fully personalise your wedding disco. This Old Time Radio inspired creation in ivory is also available in black and also as a bespoke item for your wedding or corporate logo, lead time is about a month from design to disco and prices start at less than the cost of the bespoke invitations.

Mr and Mrs Orr -100
Lynsey and Steve-35

Derby Conference Centre

Makeney Hall - White Booth

Tidy Equipment.

A Mobile discotheque is a functional item and yet, with just a little thought, it can be made into something that not only fits in with the theme of the room, but enhances it or it required, completely changes it. You shouldn’t be paying extra for a themed mobile discotheque and you shouldn’t be putting up with a building site in the corner of the room.


Whilst we set up the equipment we will strive to be presentable, during the evening we will be suitably attired. Jeans and t shirts, sportswear and pullovers, designer or otherwise are not going to enhance your event experience and you won’t see either myself or my staff wearing them.

Daytime Set up

Quite often the equipment will need to be set up hours before the party starts, you don’t want a DJ and his “mate” lugging equipment past your guests and yet you don’t want an industrial pile of equipment in the corner of the room for the wedding photographs. The visual appeal of the set up is therefore essential both at night and during the day when it isn’t in use.

Controlled Dancefloor lighting.

Is there really anything worse than the room being flooded with beams and strobes for that beautiful first dance. Does a bride truly look at her best with a red laser dot on her nose or is a speech improved by the presence of strobe lighting?

I don’t think so either, I’ll tailor the light show to the event and also to the current situation, mood spotlights for the first dance, strobes and lasers for the throbbing dancefloor.

Room Uplighting.

Really comes into it’s own with partially wood panelled rooms and very pale rooms. Modern advances mean that LED powered lights run cold on very little electricity and can offer a choice of about 2 million colours or shades with the option of changing colour as the evening progresses. Invite guests into the room with a cool white in summer or hot pink for the winter, then for the first dance fade to a deep rich blue to show off the dress. All the effort is in the preparation to make the evening transitions seem magical.

Side shot lights off lavinia

With the lights on

The Plinths


In the Spotlight

The ceremony


Stunning couple, beautiful floor

The first dance

the white floor

The magic of the last dance

The lighting is behind

Repton School - Pears Hall

A Stylish rig in Pears School Repton

Before the set up

with the kit in place

A real pleasure

Pears Hall

The flowers

the flowers

night falls


Colour and music - perfect

Tissington Hall - Dining Room

Small and sensible

The old and the new

If you cant make it blend in...

No Speakers!

Yellow heart

Colour Scheme???

Even the windows!

A summer marquee with all day music.

Marquee set up in daytime

The theme was purple

The moment when you know it's perfect.

Everyone was there

party on

Wheres the disco

Branston Golf and Country Club

Set up and ready to go at Branston Golf and Country Club

Let there be colour at Branston Golf and Country Club

That first dance with your wedding DJ derbyshire

at Branston Golf and Country Club Wedding Disco

Packington Moor

Packington Moor Barn wedding

Packington Moor Barn Wedding disco

Stunning venue - smart wedding disco

Packington Moor - getting ready

Gangnam style wedding disco

The smart venue wedding DJ

Staffordshires smartest wedding venue and disco

Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield

Lots of colour

Full on lightshow

fun fun fun at the Ringwood

Fully functioned lightshow

a beautiful room at the ringwood



A great Night out

ringwood effects 1

ringwood effects 2

ringwood effects 3

ringwood effects 4

The coach house - moodlighting1


Shottle Hall

Shottle Hall wedding disco with purple moodlighting

Shottle Hall wedding disco with purple

Shottle Hall wedding disco with purple

Shottle Hall wedding disco with purple

Shottle Hall wedding disco with purple

Shottle Hall wedding disco with purple

Shottle Hall wedding disco with purple

Minimalist disco.. for when style matters

The set up in daylight1

James and Claire-1065

James and Claire-1069

Mid afternoon

What a party

The set up at night

James and Claire-1068

James and Claire-1045

James and Claire-1056

James and Claire-1046

James and Claire-1047

James and Claire-1048

James and Claire-1059

James and Claire-1049

James and Claire-1050

James and Claire-1060

James and Claire-1051

James and Claire-1052

James and Claire-1053

James and Claire-1054

James and Claire-1055

Party on

James and Claire-1061

James and Claire-1062

James and Claire-1063

James and Claire-1066

James and Claire-1067

James and Claire-1076

Loose hill

Lose Hill Spa

James and Claire-1058

James and Claire-1057

Smart wedding disco in Alison House

Alison House wedding disco

 Ceremonial Music

The table is set for the registrar

The flowers are superb

The Chairs look immaculate

All we need now is some music to welcome the guests.

Magical Nights Ceremonial Ambience

The booth can and will be dressed to match the chairs

Kilworth House Hotel - Orangery. Ceremony and band support

The Ceremony Room

The ceremony PA part one

The PA

Big ugly speaker?


In the background

Kilworth House Hotel Wedding Disco

Such a special venue

The first dance

A little lighting goes a long way

And the band played a great set


The last dance

Swancar Farm Nottinghamshire - smart new venue

Swancar Farm - beautiful Bride-1000

Swancar Farm - rock and roll-1001

Swancar Farm - brides-1002

Swancar Farm - wedding colours-1003

Swancar Farm -decor ceremony-1004

Swancar Farm - wedding decor-1005

Swancar Farm --1006

Swancar Farm - daytime music-1007

Swancar Farm - Wedding-1016

Swancar Farm - A smart rig in a smart setting-1034

Swancar Farm - Wedding co-ordinator-1037

Swancar Farm - wedding DJ-1040

Swancar Farm - wedding disco-1041

Heanor Town Hall

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Heanor Town Hall wedding DJ Disco

Horsley Lodge - Projection, Disco - covering up the house kit

Rachel and Simon-10

Rachel and Simon-12

Rachel and Simon-16

Rachel and Simon-17

Rachel and Simon-2

Rachel and Simon-27

Rachel and Simon-3

Rachel and Simon-39

Rachel and Simon-4

Rachel and Simon-42

Rachel and Simon-5

Rachel and Simon-57

Rachel and Simon-8

Rachel and Simon-9

Dovecliffe Hall - Projection, Moodlighting, Karaoke?.

Dovecliffe hall Disco

The Theme

Dovecliffe hall disco photo show

vibrant colours at Dovecliffe hall

The disco at Dovecliffe hall

An amazing first dance??

The real first dance

Richard and Donna show off the floor.

And Smile

Salsa Heaven at Dovecliffe Hall

The village hall karaoke... smarter options

Before..Stourton le Steeple VH

After - with the disco in place

The first dance Retford Nottinghamshire

karaoke without the huge TV

More Karaoke

The Hallmark, Derby

The Set up

White uplights





Full on

Hallmark dancing1

Hallmark dancing2

Hallmark with scanners

Hallmark Dance floor

Hallmark impact

Hallmark charity ball

White floor

The room looked amazing

it's all aboutTHIS moment

Dunstall Hall - Orangery














How to hide a disco in a marquee!

Marquee wedding disco derbyshire

Marquee wedding disco derbyshire

Marquee wedding disco derbyshire

Marquee wedding disco derbyshire

Marquee wedding disco derbyshire

Marquee wedding disco derbyshire

Marquee wedding disco derbyshire

Eastwood Hall - the Triangles..

Eastwood Hall wedding disco

Notts wedding Disco

Eastwood Hatt Notts

Wedding disco that looks classy

Table decor

The wedding disco room

The first dance

Best wedding disco at packington moor 2013
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