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I would rather have a chat with you to establish what exactly you want but I realise this is not always possible, a few simple questions here will enable me to send you a quotation by email, and tell you if the date is available. I will not phone you unless you ask me to and I will not pester you.

A few guide prices are shown below, these are my “advertised rates” and take into account some travelling, stairs and a full on lightshow, most weddings I now perform are LESS than the published price simply because they are less work for me in terms of logistics.

To give you the most accurate quotation, I need the following details.

The date

The services you require.... I provide...

Ceremony Music and discrete PA for the service.

PA and background music for the meal

The evening entertainment. (please indicate rough times)

Starlit dancefloors, stunning Black, White or multicolour floors which sparkle all night (service provided by a partner)

Venue Mood Lighting, turn any room into a rich wealth of your chosen colour,

Customised “Signature Lighting”


The Venue

Where is the room (upstairs etc)


please send your enquiry to  Thanks

Published Prices for 2013/14/15 correct as of 1/1/13

All prices include as many consultations in person or via phone/email as YOU need to ensure everything goes to plan.

Evening entertainment - fully customised to suit you and your venue, playing your music and your guests requests between 7pm and midnight, any venue where I am able to work normally* and within one hour of travelling from DE21 / junction 25 M1


Ceremony Music, Setting up a mini PA in the ceremony room with hidden speakers and cabling one hour before the ceremony, guests arrival music from ten minutes before, entrance music, reading music, signing of the register music and of course the departure music.


Moodlighting. Paint your venue with rich colours to complement your wedding decor. Price depends on the size of the room, the electrical sockets available and the type of lighting required, prices start at £60 (if combined with the disco) but a typical wedding venue with ease of access, using 12-15 units will cost around..


Projection and multimedia services. My motto is to “do what it takes” in the last year I have, projected Monograms, engagement slideshows in time with the first dance, the best mans speech, wedding photographs and a classic “this is you life” presentation during the speeches. Prices start at £25 for a simple monogram projection to the floor, and are then quoted at the effort involved, a full “first dance presentation” lasting 6 minutes from your own media, with projection to the floor, tied in with the music would be


Wedding breakfast music - I seldom charge for wedding breakfast music, usually because I am there anyway and it sits between the ceremony and the disco, but standalone, I quote by the hour at £25 but I cannot provide this service unless I am these with either a disco or the ceremony.


Discounts... I always try to keep costs reasonable for my clients, if a job is easier or shorter, I will charge less for it, or include extras for no charge. Midweek bookings - Sunday to Thursday are always less, usually by as much as 20%


*sadly there are a number of venues, or rooms in venues where I will not work due to health and safety concerns, this is a very short list but I do reserve the right to refuse a booking or load a booking to cover extra staff costs.

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